Photos / Fotoğraflar
with Sir James Galway in Weggis 1992 with Sir James Galway in Reggio Emilia 2003 with Sir James Galway in Reggio Emilia 2003
At Istanbul State Symphony 2002
Concert in Reggio Emilia with Phillip Moll 2003
Tokio Concerthall 2003
Ani Ruins Eastern Border of Kars / Turkey 2004
with Andrea Griminelli 2003
Bulent at Sao Paulo State Symphony Orc. 2004
Flute Section in SPSSO 2004 At the Sao Paulo Concerthall 2004 30th. Anniversary Concert Award in International İstanbul Music Festival 2002
with Raffaele Trevisani 2004 Sir Galway, Travisani , Montafia, Evcil 1991 with M.Berk in Turkish Television 2004
Concert in Parma with Arturo Toscanini Philharmonic Orc. 2004 with my friend E.Falk with Maxim Vengerov in Borusan Philharmonic 2005 Doppler two flute Concerto with R. Trevisani in İstanbul State Symphony 2004
Concert in Bern with Camerata Leonis Chamber Orc. 1998 with Maestro Gürer AYKAL 2004 Playing Rodrigos Concierto Pastoral with İzmir State Symphony 2005