1 - Bulent EVCIL playing 20th September with Borusan Philarmonic Orchestra C.W. V. GLUCK`s Menuet and Dance of the Blessed Spirits at 11:00 am in Adile Sultan Palace.

     2- 12-13 of January 2007 under conducting of Bundit Ungrangsee , Bülent EVCİL plays with Çukura State Symphony Orc. A.Khachaturian`s flute concerto.

     3 - 28 February 2007 Recital in İzmir Art Center. Concert program will be announced later.

     4 - 5th March Recital in Istanbul Philharmonic foundations concerts in Galatasaray High School.

     5 - 23 March 2007 under conducting of Prof. Gürer AYKAL, EVCİL plays J.S.Bach`s bi-minor suit with Capital University Chamber Orc.

     6 - 12-13 April 2007 EVCİL plays together with Oboist Hakan DEMİRÇEKEN D.Cimarosa`s flute and oboi double concerto with Antalya State Symphony Orc.

     7 - Bülent EVCİL will play as soloist with CRR Symphony Orc. in 2007 concert season. Concert program and date will be announced later .

     8 - Recital in Adana City together with flutist Murat ESEN and pianist Can ÇOKER in May 2007. Concert program and date will be announced later .

     9 - A master class in Adana May 2007.